Add Yoga + Meditation to your FALL routine!


9:30am: Flow with Kaitlin beginning in October Yin with Claire

12pm: Restorative with Claudia

6pm: Ashtanga with Ryan

730pm: Power with Kaitlin or Doug


6:30am: Flow with Meg

9:30am: Healing Yoga with Kristen

5:30pm: Flow with Meg

7pm: Restorative with Steph


930am: Intro to Yoga with Mason (donation based)

10am: Flow with Mason

1130am: Discover Meditation with Mason (donation based) 

6pm: Ashtanga with Ryan

7:30pm: Flow with Catie


6am: Reiki Flow with Lauren

9:45am: Flow with Kaitlin

6pm: Discover Meditation with Matthew (donation based) 

7:30pm: Power with Maureen


9am: Empowerment Meditation with Ethiopia (donation based)

11am: Power with Maureen beginning September 14th Healing Yoga with Bheem

530pm: Flow with Kaitlin


9:30am: Power with Meg

11am: Flow with Nora

1 pm: Restorative with Nora