Drop-in: $16/ class | $14 for students and service members

Monthly Unlimited: $99/ month | $79 for students and service members

5 Class Pack: $60*

10 Class Pack: $110*

20 Class Pack: $200**

50 Class Pack: $450**

*Expire in 3 months

**Expire in 1 year

class descriptions

Ashtanga: This class is a strong, dynamic, empowering ashtanga practice with plenty of ways to modify. This safe and effective routine promotes healthy joints while lengthening and strengthening your body.

Discover Meditation: a powerful tool in healing and finding answers that lie within. We are offering a donations based class in hopes to create a safe space to let go of dead end cycles and shine a new light on the present moment.

Empowerment Meditation: Belly dance your way to mindfulness and empowerment. Learn how to free you hips and mind, while learning more about living a vegan lifestyle. 

Flow: Flow through a moving meditation harmonizing breath and movement. Our diverse vinyasa-style sequencing builds strength, flexibility, and balance.

Healing Yoga: Unite mind, body, and spirit to restore yourself from daily stress-induced disease. A mixture of Vinyasa and Hatha, this class is designed for all levels and for those seeking a deeper personal practice.

Intro to Yoga: Don't know where or how to begin your yoga practice? Start here, with us! Learn the basics and walk into any class with confidence!

Power Yoga: Join us for a fast pace class that builds heat! Link your breath with vinyasa poses to create energy, increase flexibility, and set your mind at ease. Great if you like structure and are looking to build full body strength.

Pre-teen Yoga: Celebrate youth and wellness with mindfulness, breath, sharing and movement. Join us as we dance our way through a yoga practice to music and laughter.  Ages 8-15. 

Reiki Flow: Enjoy a slow moving flow class with the healing energy of reiki. Reiki is the ancient Japanese art for dissolving stress and promoting well-being. According to its founder, Mikao Usui, it is the secret art of inviting happiness into your life and the miraculous medicine for all disease.

Restorative: Just as the name states, restorative provides a slow and steady hatha or vinyasa practice with just enough alignment to leave you feeling balanced and at peace. This class is a must-try for those of us who overextend ourselves!

Yin: Perfect to balance more active Yang styles of yoga. Use your body weight and gravity to ease bone away from bone “stressing” the connective tissues. Flexibility and lengthening of connective tissues occurs through static, sinking, stillness into poses for 3-5 minutes.