A friend of a friend...a friend

Months prior to planning my trip to Asia my best friend and roommate mentioned that her friend from work, Magi, was moving back to Thailand. Naturally, I reached out once there.

Magi lives in Chiang Mai, a beautiful mountain city surrounded by plantations, many of which grew opium back in the day. She has lived here on and off since 2012 and calls it, "home base."

In Chiang Mai, Magi's current routine is exausting just saying it, " I run 4-10 miles... I teach or practice yoga...Lunch is very social here, I usually have lunch with friends or for business...I take two hours of Thai...Then I practice Muay Thai." 

Despite her busy schedule, Magi has started her own e-commerce clothing company featured on Etsy, FlowinPeace. The designs are simple and thoughtful such as "Mind|Matter." 

As for what's next, "Magi the Muay Thai champion!"

Chiang Mai Recommendations: Akha Ama Coffee, North Gate Jazz Club, Wild Rose Yoga Studio