Sales meeting to beach yurt

In lieu of life, my Chicago friends and I fled to Puerto Rico, the best place, since 1898, to feel like you're in another country without leaving the US. This is where our new found friends Beatrix and Axel created their beautiful life...

In 2010, the couple met through a work engagement. Beatrix hired Axel as a photographer for her company's sales meeting. As Axel describes, "it was not love at first sight." Beatrix interrupts, "but it was at first kiss." Axel nods and smiles. 

First kiss, a Paris engagement and a Santorini wedding later, a second professional engagement began: a series of franchise yogurt shops. And a third, Airbnb listings providing guests with an experience from a studio villa or a condo in San Juan to a night on their boat. 

They wanted careers with more flexibility, which allow them to work smarter. Their businesses allow them to do that. Beatrix mentions, I can drive my son to school, pick him up and do homework with him. Referencing her corporate job she says, before I would have to ask permission. 

What's next, I ask. They respond, yoga! The couple has enrolled in a 200 hour RYT training and plans to start a studio in their house. Eventually, they’d love to expand the business to a yoga yurt experience on a beautiful island off the coast of PR.