Looavul. Luhvul. Loueville. Looaville. Looeyville. LOUISVILLE

I was born on the Kentucky derby. 25 years later,  my best friends and I took a road trip from Philly to Louhvul to experience the event for ourselves.

The venue of the derby, Churchill Downs, is surrounded by low income housing. These homeowners portray capitalism at its finest derby weekend. Yards are transformed into pop up beer gardens, parking lots, bbq joints, and bodegas.

Amongst the chaos of business, we met Paul in his ketchup red outfit. We bought water from Paul and he said, "I've been hustling all day."

Naturally, the conversation transitioned from hustle to me asking for his best dance move. He started mumbling Trap Queen and swaying. It sounded something like, "so bendo, to the flo, hmmm hmm hmm hmmm hello."

Exhausted from dancing, Paul invited us back to his house for dinner, "Come over for dinner." Ribs, mac and cheese, and collard greens, how can we resist?  "$7 a plate," Paul continues, "remember I'm hustling."